Kansio - Document Manager

Document management for small businesses

With Kansio you can scan and save your important documents easily and fluently anywhere. You can group your documents with tags, organize sections to quickly find your most important documents and share your documents easily with anyone.

Tag it

Set any number of tags to your document. Also you can add new tags and customize them. Tags can be used for finding your documents later.

You can also set a due date for a document. We will notify you on the due date so you won't forget it!

Display your documents in sections

Your documents can be displayed in a list with all of them or you can group them by their tags into sections. Sections are easily accessible by side-swiping left and right.


To find your documents, swipe down on the main view. Type the search query as text or tap filter button for more options. You can search documents based on document title, time or tags.

Share & Send

If you need to send the documents to anyone, just tap the button on top-right corner, select the documents you want to send and send them, with any way which is the most convenient for you.

Kansio is also integrated to the Files app on your iOS device. You can see your saved documents and drag them around to any app in Files -> On My iPhone -> Kansio.


Your documents are saved on your device, and only on your device. You can read our privacy policy here.


Any questions? Feature ideas? Problems? Send us an email!